Management philosophy

Purpose of our company is to make every

people every related companies and every

environment appreciate each other and

become all happy though our manufacturing activities.

Company strengths

Established in 1960, we manufacture high-quality products at our own factory, and are committed to raw materials such as ladies and gentlemen’s woolen items, the manufacture and sale of knit fabric, and synthetic fiber fabric. In the Bishu production area, companies that have their own factories are almost demolished, and mainly, subcontractors are asked to do the manufacturing. In such circumstances, our company continues to maintain our own factories, weaving factory facilities and knit factory equipment, as well as introducing state-of-the-art machines everywhere to satisfy the diverse needs of our customers. In addition, we have a group of yarn dyeing factory artisans and organizing processors, and support the manufacturing of NAKADEN woven fabrics.

We are able to fully control the characteristic of the wool shrinking only in the fiber at each production stage, and in collaboration with group companies, can provide the texture requested by our customers. In the Bishu area, we have established an integrated production system from unusual raw equipment to finished products. In the Bishu production area, we are constantly pushing ourselves forward, with the power of exceptional young talent, to promote the introduction of state-of-the-art equipment in weaving factories, knitting factories, yarn dyeing factories, dyeing organizations and production plants, and to further develop new products and further improve production efficiency.

Company Info

Date Of Establishment
Company certification number
98million Yen
President Kousuke Nakashima
Executive vice-President Kimihiro Nakashima
Managing Director Keisuke Nakashima
[Head Office]
1688 Gouchi Nishi Sanjo Ichinomiya-city Aichi Pref Japan
TEL +81-586-61-3111

[Sendagaya Branch]
Harajuku Green heights303,3-53-17 Sendagaya,Shibuya-ku Tokyo Japan
Business Content
Manufacture and sale of lady's men's woolenfabrics,and knit clothing.


Cloth Factory

  • Rapier loom  72units
  • Airjet loom  2units
  • Auto drawing  2units
  • High-speed warping machine  5units
  • Sample warping machine  2units 
  • Automatic winder  140drops
  • High-speed namejacquard  6units
  • Positive high-speed entanglement device  6sets
  • PP winding special winder  216drops
  • SSM winder  40drops

Dornier P1

Picanol OPTIMAX-i

Itema R9500

Dornier A1(Air)

Picanol GANMA

Itema G6200

Knit factory

  • Circular knittsing machine  39units
  • SRY  4units
  • Wholegarment Mini

Single Computer JQ 28G

W communication jaquard striper
switching machine 24G

W reseway machine 40G

W fleece 22G

XL-PFW 26G Pattern wheel

Affiliated company

Takumi Dyeing Co.,Ltd

Fujiiseiju Co.,Ltd

Group Company

Takumi Dyeing Co.,Ltd

Company strengths

We dye various types of yarns from large lot to small lot in size within short delivery time with 50 high pressure cheese dyeing machines. We also dye wool top to help high quality spun yarnproduction in Japan. Within Bishu production area, we can make use of the strengths of the integrated production in Nakaden group, and make it possible to shorten lead time from dyeing yarn to finishing fabrics. Moreover, we can offer various materials from the requests of our business partners like trading companies and spinning companies with the network of Nakaden group.

We carefully select dye stuff and auxiliaries, and manage our equipment and process for dyeing and waste water, so as not to harm the human body and living environment. We offer safe dyeing products to our clients and environment. By the succession of dyeing technology and challenge to change production better for many years, we can offer safe dyeing process and reduce the loss of clients in their production with different types of bobbins and spindles.

Company NameTakumi Dyeing Co.,Ltd
RepresentativePresident Kousuke Nakashima
Address22Yousuihigasi, Nishiitusiro, Ichinomiya-city, Aichi, Japan 
Date Of EstablishmentAugust 13th, 1955
J∞ QUALITYCompany certification number K010215A040
Capital50million Yen

Fujiiseiju Co.,Ltd

Company strengths

We will provide the craftsmanship that can only be achieved in this Bishu area.

Company NameFujiiseiju Co.,Ltd
RepresentativeChairman and CEO Kousuke Nakashima
Address10Gonaka Okutyou Ichinomiya-city,Aichi,Japan
Date Of EstablishmentJuly 8th,1988
J∞ QUALITYCompany certification number K0102150160